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This website is the site of E-TIC. A second site focuses on the AgriGuide, toolbox developed in the area of agriculture, fishing and husbandry in the Sahel region.

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The E-TIC program aims to empower local communities through the meaningful use of communication and the sharing of knowledge in a collaborative and hands-on fashion. We strive to improve the efficiency of specific industries and sectors in which ethics and the environment take a predominant role and the livelihood and well-being of individuals is of primary concern. More...

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Fonds francophone des Inforoutes, SECO, ITC, CRESP, EREV, Gensen Sénégal, Service Civic National du Sénégal, ICV-Mali, CNJ-MALI, CONJEDEV, ORTM, Ministère de la Jeunesse et des Sports du Mali, Commune de Guédé-Chantier, Communauté Oulad Nagim More...

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