The training of E-TIC is hands-on and aims to respond to specific needs from field:


Training modules

Training methodologies

The training of E-TIC targets two publics:

First level

Extension workers will be trained. These are:

By training extension workers, there will be a multiplying effect yielding lasting results. Training young people and women drives economical and social integration and encourages solidarity within the family unit. Integration will therefore positively impact the families in a relatively short time and consequently have an effect on communities as well. Our training adapts to the situation at hand as it involves a constant coming-and-going between the information collected and given. The role played by the extension workers is crucial at this level as it enables the project to constantly readjust to the needs and constraints at the time. For this purpose, ICV is setting itself the following goals:

  • To think about ways and means of releasing women's creative energy and helping them to turn to more profitable activities leading to their insertion in modern economy;
  • To adopt new behaviors and attitudes as project managers;
  • To create a framework where women can discuss and exchange their experiences and come up with enterprising ideas to boost their social and economical promotion;
  • To encourage and develop women's spirit of entrepreneurship;
  • To contribute to raising the level of competency and training in modern techniques of production, marketing and management, particularly for youth;
  • To improve women's standards of living in society, especially regarding health, education, revenue and access to information and training;
  • To improve opportunities for the socio-economic insertion of young people on the employment market.

Second level

Since cultivators spend a substantial amount of time working in the fields, they tend to have a low literacy rate and therefore difficulties in grasping some of the concepts relating to cyber technologies within the set timeframe. However, our project will directly benefit this population thanks to the information communicated to them through our extension workers (women, young people and community radios) and text messages, oral messages and posters.

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